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Rental Chillers

Mobile Temp has a large rental fleet of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers. Long-term or
short-term rentals available for any commercial or industrial application.

Mobile Temp inventories over 3500 ton of air-cooled chillers, ranging in size from 5 tons to 500 tons. Each unit is designed for quick and easy installation. Special features include: on-board-pumps, electrical power cable, flexible hose and connections, PLUS multiple compressors, dual refrigeration circuits for redundancy. Factory processors for handling of low and varying loads.  
  Need water-cooled? NO PROBLEM! Mobile Temp has several thousand tons ranging from 100 tons to 2500 tons. From a simple to install stand alone water-cooled chiller to one of our all-in-one models. Trailer mounted, with pump and cooling tower your emergency or planned shut down has a solution.
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